Things to do

Boat rental:
A motor boat is available for rent. The boat is suitable for 5 people and has an 8 pk outboard motor. You can drive this boat by youreslf.

1 day: 70

Every extra day 30


Supboard + canoe
Stand Up Paddling is a popular way to explore the area from the water.

100 per stay for the supboard + canoe

*All prices are in Euro €. 

Beachclub Wander Island:
Just a 5 minute walk from the house. Nice beachclub vibe with good food.


Zandeiland 1, Vinkeveen
Tel: +31 6 27008116


Café-restaurant Bon:
Popular local restaurant. Only 15 minutes away by boat.

Winkeldijk 24, Vinkeveen

Tel: +31 294 281394


De Plashoeve:
Popular local restaurant. Only 15 minutes away by boat.

Baambrugse Zuwe 167, Vinkeveen

Tel: +31 294 291381


The Harbour Club:
Fancy restaurant with quality food.

Groenlandsekade 1Vinkeveen

Tel: +31 297 784911


Villa Lokeend:
Hotel with great restaurant and good atmosphere

Groenlandsekade 61Vinkeveen

Tel: +31 294 291544


De Viersprong:
Popular local restaurant.

Vinkenkade 2Vinkeveen

Tel: +31 294 295450

de viersprong.jpg

De Eendracht:
Popular grand-cafe in the center of Abcoude.

Hoogstraat 37, Abcoude

Tel: +31 294 287211

de eendracht.jpg
aqua farina.png

Pizza & Pastabar Aqua Farina:
Delicious Italian food

Kerkplein 27, Abcoude

Tel: +31 294 269259